Monday, April 27, 2009


     I just left the house this morning on my way to Charlotte, NC. I just had a wonderful 5 days and 6 nights at home. Debbie and I celebrated our 32 wedding anniversary and also Debbie's birthday. It was a fun filled weekend with very little sleep.  We managed to keep busy shopping, eating out and playing cards with friends. We had a drink or two in there also, so it was a magnificent weekend all the way around. I sure hated to leave this morning but I guess I can't retire yet so will just keep plugging along. I know Debbie hated to go back to work also. We have so little time together that it is hard on both of us when I have to leave. I am really looking forward to vacation the end of June. Two of my daughters and there children will be going with us to New Hampshire for a week. It will be awfully cramped in the pickup but we will do just fine I suppose.
     Well, until next time, everyone have a good night and a better day tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2009


     I am in a very good mood this evening as I am heading to Fayetteville, GA. which puts me that much closer to my home time with my beautiful Debbie. It seems like an eternity since I have seen her. I am excited, anxious and very happy to be heading that way.  I can't wait to see the boys also. (the dogs).
     I have a nice easy weekend ahead of me. I only need to drive 400 miles a day and I will be there Sunday afternoon waiting to make my delivery 1st thing Monday morning and then hopefully to Florida from there. I sure need this time off.
     I am used to having Debbie home with me the whole time and we can go out and do things together during the day. This will be different as I have not been home during the week since she started working. I guess I will be lost during the day and just mope around the house until she gets home and get all excited like the dogs do when she walks through the door. I will have to fight with them for her affection. I think I will be able to take her to lunch and that will be cool.
     Well, I think I will get off here for tonight and get some sleep. I hope all of you had a great day today and a very great weekend. Until later

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


     I rushed down here to Dallas even though I didn't have to be here until Friday just so I could take a much needed day of rest. This past week has been very busy and that I am thankful for but now it is time to unwind for a day. I can kick back, get on the computer, stay on as long as I like and sleep in until I can't sleep anymore. What a life. I want a local job. I'm tired of this mess.
     Becky put 2 more video's of Wayne on today and they were fantastic. Wayne has so much personality. He takes after his grandpa. Well maybe not. Wayne is so alert and responsive to every noise and movement in the room. He doesn't seem to miss a thing. I love it when I get on the Cam with Becky like I did tonight and Wayne did not hardly take his eyes off of his grandpa. I have not seen him in person yet, but I believe he will already know me when I get to see him in June. Isn't the computer age fantastic.
     I guess I will close for now as I am getting tired. So much for staying online late. Well it is 1:15 am so I guess that is late for me. I hope everyone had a good day today and a better day tomorrow. Live life to the fullest as we never know what tomorrow will bring. I hope it brings me the winning lottery numbers. I'm ready to retire.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


    It has been a good day today. I drove 580 miles and had to put my truck in the shop for electrical problems and get the air conditioner fixed. All repairs were completed in 2 hours and I am picking up a load in the morning going back to that dreaded Texas. All this was accomplished without me losing any work. That is great. I am having the best week I have had in over 3 months. I have logged over 3000 miles this week and still have until midnight Friday on this week. I think I will start saving trips for next week because the bottom might fall out again once I get to Texas.
     I have been very chipper today for some reason. I can't explain it but I have been walking around singing and whistling for no apparent reason. Sometimes it just feels good I guess. I think I am getting excited again about going home. It will have been almost 50 days since I have had any real time off. The rest will be very welcomed. I plan on taking 6 days off. 
     I want to thank my Daughters Theresa and Becky for all  the videos and pics of the Grandchildren. It makes the evenings very enjoyable for me when I can get on the computer and keep up with everyone. It is very comforting and makes my nights so much better when I lay my head on the pillow with thoughts of my family and grandchildren fresh on my mind as I drift off to sleep.
     Until next time, may all of you have a wonderful and restful night.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


     I am sitting here in Lexington, NE enroute to Green River, WY. I was supposed to be home this weekend to celebrate our 32nd Anniversary, which was the 2nd and Debbie's birthday which is today. It doesn't happen to often that I don't get home for my scheduled home time, but it figures it would happen at this special time. It is frustrating and makes me feel terrible that my lovely wife is sitting at home by herself on this special day. All the kids live in other cities so there is absolutely no family with her today. She deserves better then this. I guess if I had chosen another profession this wouldn't be happening. I just want her to know how much I love and miss her and wish I could be there with her. She understands, but that still doesn't make me feel any better.
     I should be home in another couple of weeks and will make up for it then. She will just have to accept having 2 birthdays. The real one and the one we celebrate when I get home. I am going to pamper and spoil her the best I can. She deserves it. The finest restaurant, shopping, whatever her heart desires. I am going to make up for not being there.  She is my wife, my lover and most of all my best friend and that is what friends do for each other.
     I hope that all of you have a wonderful Easter weekend and be safe if you have to go out on the roads. Until next time.  

Thursday, April 9, 2009


     It is 1:20 am on friday morning and I am bummed out because I was supposed to be home today for four days to celebrate Debbie's birthday and our anniversary. Well here I sit in Girard, Oh. enroute to Green River, WY for Monday morning. Seems to me I am heading in the wrong direction. Can't get much farther from Jacksonville then Wyoming. I sat for 2 days in Totowa, NJ try to get a load home and what happened. I missed 2 days of work and still getting further from the house. Now it is going to be another 2 weeks until I can try to get home. That will make 50 days since my last real home time. Hell, I should have stayed in the Navy. Maybe then I could have been stationed with Matthew and Becky in Washington. Wait, I don't think they let men as old as me stay in the Navy so that wouldn't have worked. Oh well, I am just rambling on, taking my frustrations out on this keyboard.
     I hope all my friends and family are doing well and can't wait to see everyone. I am looking forward to the New Hampshire vacation the end of June. I can sure use the down time. I wish all a good evening and a better tomorrow.