Thursday, July 16, 2009


     Today has been a wonderful day at work, with a mixture of rest and relaxation, built into the middle. It was nice being able to stop in Bland and visit with Allen for about 3 hours. We had lunch in the little town grill, followed by some picture taking of the garden and various other things that I thought I could send to Matthew and make him even a little more homesick. Mean of me, hugh? I then got to taste some fresh cooked mushrooms picked from the local woods. They were fantastic. At least I wasn't worried about being poisoned as they were picked by world renowned mushroom hunter, Allen, or should I say bland renowned. lol. I was convinced it was safe, after Allen broke out his national audubon book on North American Mushrooms, and showed me the mushrooms that we would be feasting on. They were quite tasty cooked in butter. Here it is 10 hours later and I am still alive, so I guess I am out of the woods. lol. It was a great day and it is always enjoyable when you can take a break from the normal routine and add some substance to your life. It made me miss Matthew, Becky and Wayne but somehow made me feel closer to them at the same time. Kind of weird hugh? I guess I will close for now with warm thoughts of another good day in my life. Every day I get older, I learn to appreciate each day much more. I feel that every day God sees fit for me to wake up is another good day.
My love to all and good night.