Monday, August 20, 2012


I have been working the last couple days on trying to get Theresa on here to read our family blogs and considering possibly starting one of her own so she can put in her two cents worth. She has been busy, but I think once she gets on and sees what we are trying to do here, she will be anxious to join us. She has so much she could add as far as her growing up in our home with 2 sisters. Also with little Mackenzie, there is always something going on. I will try to work on Beth next but don't know if that will work as she basically only has a smartphone and that can be a bugger to type on. Will see what I can do. I am also going to try and get Lois on here but that could be difficult as she works so many hours. She doesn't have much time to do anything. Well that is my latest, and I am still waiting Pam. You don't need to find your old blog. That is not a good excuse. It is to easy to start another one. Ask Susan. (hint hint) and CHARLES, get that blog started before your old Uncle has to come to Iowa and put a serious whopping on you. Also to Charles and Pam. Stop the neener neener neeners and get on here and talk to each other. lol  

My love and hugs to you all


  1. What is the neener neener neeners? I have never heard of them before?

  2. Hahahaaa! Silly Harold! ;) Yeah, Pam...JUST DO IT! =)

    Cuz'n Susan ;)