Monday, August 13, 2012


I was bored yesterday at work and got a wild notion to check out this thing I had been hearing everyone talk about (Pinterest). I wanted to know what all the buzz was about. I heard Debbie and Beth  and Becky talking about recipes and sewing subjects and I thought, yuk. Well when I decided to finally see what it was all about, WOW, there where things like animals, sports, cars and all kinds of things I like.
So much for thinking it was just for women. I am now an official member of pinterest so follow me. I know you may not be into some of my boards, but who can not love adorable animal pictures.  On to the next subject. I have officially been cleared to return to full work status. My knee is about 90 to 95%. It is just going to take time for the bruising to heal. Also, My boss called me yesterday while I was at work and offered me a position on 2nd shift Monday thru Friday, no WEEKENDS. Yea. Of course I accepted so I can have weekends off with the love of my life. The hours are not really bad at all. I will be working 1:30pm to 9:30pm. I am excited about this opportunity. I have worked this shift at this location and know the people real well, so it will be an easy transition. I start on Monday the 27th. To all my followers, I hope you have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Congratulations on the new job. I know not working on the weekends is exactly what you wanted and working 5 days a week is what you wanted too. The extra money will be great. Finally a full time job. I checked into "Pinterest" and I also joined but I'm not as crazy about it as you are. I just don't like sitting at the computer scanning things. I have more important things that I can be doing. Sorry about that. It is hard for me to get interested in much these days. I don't know if it is age or what but it takes a lot to get me interested in things anymore. I'm glad your leg is getting better just make sure you don't overdo on your new job now that you are working 5 days a week. I worry about you bro, you know. Well, I better get back to my housework. Bill and I are officially on vacation the next 2 weeks so we will be in and out. Not going any where special just maybe day trips but you never know. Love you!!

  2. Enjoy your 2 week vacation Sis. I don't start my new shift until Monday the 27th. It is located at the location where I hurt my knee. How Ironic. It is a great place to work though. Also Sis, I don't know what else you could be doing besides sitting at the computer. Just take your 2 hours for your naps and then jump back on the computer. See, no problem. lol If I get to old to sit at a computer, I hope someone will shoot me. Just kidding, put the guns away.

  3. Hahahaaa! Awww, c' 'bout just a nerf gun? I'd only use it while you're napping! =)

    Sooo, how do I find your Pinterest page? You got a link or sumthin'? ;) Here's a link to my page: If you need to know how to share your link...which I doubt you do...but if you do, you know who to call. ;)

    I'm excited about your change in hours. I know how nice it is to spend time together with the love of your life. =) I think my security company decided I didn't have the right stuff after all. I haven't heard from them since before my surgery. I'm looking hard for a new job so keep me in prayer, please. Hugs, Cuz!

  4. Susan, I will try to find my link and I have your so maybe if i follow you, that will give you a link to mine. lol You have our prayers and thoughts and hopes of finding the job of your dreams.

    Love ya cuz Harold